Boats Out of Water: How to haul out without breaking the bank or your boat! – PAPERBACK


Boats of all sizes have to be hauled out for maintenance sooner or later. Learn how to prepare your vessel, pick a boat yard, and plan the haulout for maximum value and minimum headaches!



Your First┬áHaul Out Shouldn’t Lead to a Heart Attack!

If you own a boat but have never hauled it out of the water for maintenance or repair work, rest assured: that day is coming! Every vessel will eventually need routine hull maintenance or other work done that can only happen out of the water.

There are a million things to think about during every haulout and the clock is ticking… most yards charge by the foot by the day (on top of any actual repair costs!) so the longer the job takes, the more you will pay.

But your first haulout doesn’t have to turn you or your boat into a wreck! This book will help you tackle the challenges like a pro. You’ll learn about:

  • Understanding boat lifts, marine ways, and cranes used for haulouts
  • How to pick the yard to use
  • How to select and manage vendors
  • Tasks you should consider performing on the hard
  • How to select a bottom paint, prepare your hull, and apply it quickly

Haulouts are not rocket science and all boat owners learn how to handle them sooner or later. But usually that competence comes from bad experience! We’re here to help you avoid all the obvious problems during your first haulout and make it a smooth and efficient experience.


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