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The perfect combination for new boat buyers or anyone trying to become a new boat buyer, this bundle offers three great e-books packed full of important information you can use at one great price.



Buying a boat is a big deal, but it’s only the first leg in a much longer voyage! Our new boater bundle of downloadable e-books makes that voyage an easy one for you, from finding and buying the perfect boat for you, to learning how to maintain it, to how to communicate with other boaters out on the water.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Boat

Everything you need to know about buying the boat of your dreams without sinking your bank account!

In order to become a new boat buyer, first you have to find a boat to buy. From where to look for boats for sale to how to evaluate them to negotiating for the best price, this guide has you covered. Written in plain English with straightforward information that anyone can understand. The book tells you what you need to know about:

  • Boat brokers
  • Surveys
  • Financing and insurance

Boats Out of Water

Boat buyers know that boats need to be maintained, and that means hauling them out of the water at some point. No one gives you a manual for this mysterious and nervewracking process, so we wrote one for you! Your first haulout shouldn’t lead to a heart attack.

The book talks about:

  • Finding the right boatyard for haulouts
  • Understanding the mechanical considerations for lifting a boat and putting it securely on dry land
  • Common maintenance tasks performed during haulouts and how to plan and prioritize for them

New boat buyers take note! Getting ready for your first haulout ahead of time is something you won’t regret.

Marine Radio for Recreational Boaters

Marine Radio for Recreational Boaters

Somewhere on that shiny new boat there is probably a radio. Maybe it even came with a manual to tell you what the switches all do. But what it doesn’t come with are any practical instructions about how to understand the strange language of maritime radio or how to communicate effectively.

This practical guide will teach you how to understand radio traffic you hear on your marine VHF and other radios on board and walk you through the important radio procedures you need to know for safety and communication. Written for the new radio user, it breaks down the reasons that marine radio works the way it does without getting into the extreme technical details!

You’ll come away after reading it with all the confidence you need to call up other boaters, marinas, the Coast Guard, or even big cruiser liners or freighters you cross paths with out on the water.

New Boat Buyers Won’t Find a Deal Like This Anywhere Else!

If you bought all three of these downloadable e-books separately, it would cost you almost $17. But if you get all three at once, you can save more than 25 percent! Keep them in convenient digital format on your Kindle, iPad, or other e-reader for quick reference on board or on the go. It’s a great deal that may not last forever… so buy now!

NOTE: This product is delivered digitally via a download link to your e-mail. Links are sent once your payment has cleared our payment processor. Both EPUB and MOBI formats are provided. Be sure you have a program that can open the book file!


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