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Three great books to get you started in the liveaboard lifestyle… one low price to get you there.



Are You Ready To Live The Dream of Becoming a Liveaboard?

Are you tired of searching high and low on the internet for the information you need about living aboard? Do you find information that is old or contradictory everywhere? Do you find an answer to one question only to realize it creates four more questions?

We’ve got all the answers for you here now in one place. These three books together give you everything you need to get the right liveaboard boat at the right price, figure out how to transition to life on the water, and how to keep your new home seaworthy and safe.

Buying all three of these informative e-books would cost you almost $20 if purchased separately. But with this easy-access bundle, you’ll get the whole set at a more than 25 percent discount!

Not interested in the e-books? Living Aboard and Boats Out of Water are both available in paperback instead, and although you can’t get the bundle pricing, we’re so happy you read this far that we’re going to give you a coupon code that will let you buy them both at 10 percent off for a limited time anyway!


Just put that coupon code in at checkout for your discount on the paperback versions of Living Aboard and Boats Out of Water!

But the real deal is the whole downloadable bundle! Read on for more details about the three great books you’ll get.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Boat

First stop: figuring out how to buy the right boat to live on. A boat can be a big investment, and they are easier to buy than to sell. That means you need to focus on all the important aspects of the buying process before you shell out that hard-earned cash:

  • Finding a reputable boat broker
  • Deciding on the right class of boat and figuring out where to find them
  • Learning how to negotiate
  • Financing and insurance
  • Evaluation and surveys

It’s all included in this handy, straightforward ebook to get you started on the right track to liveaboard boat ownership.


Living Aboard

Life on the water can be a dream… or a nightmare, if you go into it with the wrong skills and the wrong expectations. This comprehensive ebook will walk you through every aspect of becoming a liveaboard, from estimating the costs to figuring out what to do with your stuff to learning how to fit in with a tight-knit dockside community.

Whether you are coming to it from a strong boating background or as a complete landlubber, Living Aboard will give you elements to consider about the liveaboard lifestyle you probably hadn’t thought of before, along with all the tips and tricks that go into making life on the water fun, familiar, and sustainable!

Boats Out of Water

Living on a boat doesn’t get you out of the hard parts of boat ownership and maintenance. If anything, it makes them that much more important! It’s your home now, you will need to take good care of it.

For almost all liveaboards, that means hauling your boat out for critical maintenance every couple of years. But almost no one tells you about this intimidating process and the first time you watch your new home swing in the air over your head, you’ll wish you had more information!

Get it in this ebook, packed full of the important things that everyone forgot to tell you about haulouts, including:

  • Finding the right boatyard for your haulout
  • Understanding the mechanics of lifting and securing boats on dry land
  • Developing a haulout plan to take care of critical maintenance items while avoiding racking up thousands of dollars in yard fees

You won’t regret being prepared for your first haulout, and you’ll come back to this handy little reference time and time again over the years to keep your liveaboard boat in top condition.

Three Great Titles – One Great Deal

Buying all three of these ebooks separately would normally cost you almost $20. But you can get them here together now for only $14.25, a more than 25 percent savings! Take advantage of this limited time offer to kick-start your liveaboard lifestyle.

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