Do You Get Tongue-tied on Your Marine VHF Radio?

One of the things that no one really talks about in boating is how to talk on the radio. Oh, you can find many books on how marine VHF radios work, how to install them, that talk about the theory and physics of electromagnetic waves… but about the practical matter of what to do when you pick up the mike and push the button? Nada.

Until now! Marine Radio for Recreational Boaters dives into the practical elements of marine VHF radio use. If you have been wondering what channels to use, it will tell you. If you can’t understand other people when they talk on the radio, it has exercises to help you figure it out. If you find yourself stumbling when you try to talk, it has all the tips and techniques you need to learn to sound like a pro… all written in plain English without a bunch of jargon or technical detail.

The book covers topics like:

  • Why VHF is so common in the first place and what the advantages and disadvantages are
  • What Digital Selective Calling (DSC) is and why you might need a Mobile Maritime Service Identity (MMSI) number to use it
  • Considerations for VHF installation and troubleshooting for the layperson
  • Whether or not you need a radio license and how to get one if you do
  • How to make emergency and non-emergency broadcasts with confidence, and, more importantly, when to use which!
  • Example radio conversations, as they happen in the real world
  • Basic scripts to base your own conversations on
  • How Search and Rescue and the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) apply to you as a recreational boater

And if that weren’t enough, the book also links you to a free supplement that will expand your knowledge into the realm of Single Sideband (SSB) for really long-range marine radio conversations.

Available in digital and paperback formats, we’ve got you covered whether you like an old-fashioned book in your hands, or prefer a high-tech e-reader to save space!

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