Marine VHF for Recreational Boaters now available on iTunes!

We’re happy to announce that our new book Marine VHF for Recreational Boaters: How to Sound Like a Pro on Your Marine VHF Radio is now available in the iTunes bookstore!

We can’t make you look this good when you’re talking on the radio, but on the plus side, no one will actually see you anyway!

As an electronic book download that will zip right onto your iPad or other e-reader, it’s a fast and easy way to buy it.

The book is chock full of practical information that will allow you to understand and easily converse on your marine VHF. Everything from where best to install the radio to how to make routine and emergency calls is covered. And it’s all in plain English, written for lubbers who don’t have a lot of background in marine radio!

Click here to buy Marine Radio for Recreational Boaters from Apple today!