Boats Out of Water Now Available on Amazon

We’re happy to announce that our new book about boat haulouts is available in both paperback and electronic formats on

Hauling out is a task that every boat owner will face at some point. Boats Out of Water is a short, easy-to-read guide to help you make that process easier, faster, and cheaper. The book discusses practical aspects of haulouts like choosing a boatyard and lining up vendors and suppliers, as well as providing an overview of how the haulout process works.

Making your first haulout safe, happy, and fast is the end goal, and there aren’t many sources for this information out there. Boats Out of Water compiles all the best practices and perspectives to give you one resource for planning your next haulout.

Click here to purchase and download to your computer or Kindle reader directly from Amazon.

Or, you can buy the paperback version by clicking here.

Read more about the book here.

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