Living Your Dreams of a Life on the Water

Do you ever drive past clusters of boats in marinas or secluded anchorages and think, “I wish I was out there right now?” See children giggling on the foredecks or retired couples fishing off the dock or a group of people laughing and drinking in their cockpits at sunset, as gulls cry off in the distance? Did you ever think to yourself, “I wish I could live on the water like that?”

You can! And our new book, Living Aboard: The Ultimate Guide to Life on a Boat will tell you how!

A lot of people dream about becoming liveaboards but not very many of them actually make it. It’s a foreign lifestyle to many, too different and too mysterious to take seriously. If you’re like a lot of people, you don’t really even know where to begin.

But every liveaboard started out like that and learned their lessons through advice and experience. Now, you can get that advice in plain English, in an unvarnished guide that presents the good and the bad (spoiler alert: there is way more good than bad!) and unveils the mysteries of a life less ordinary than the one you are living right now.

Living Aboard covers topics like:

  • The costs of living aboard a boat
  • How to find the right boat to live aboard
  • How to find the right marina to live at
  • Dealing with organizing, storing, or discarding all the stuff from your land-based lifestyle
  • Becoming part of the tightly-knit and supportive liveaboard community
  • Addressing common liveaboard challenges like
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Winter!

There is even a section on moving back to land once your liveaboard days are done!

Living Aboard: The Ultimate Guide to Life on a Boat is the ideal guide both for experienced boaters who want to make the transition to living aboard and for complete neophytes who have never been on a boat in their life!

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